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The Administrative Management Group is a membership group that is focused on networking, support, training, coaching and mentoring in order to enhance skills and create a space for interaction, fun and discussion.

By bringing together people from across the South West from a variety of Administration roles we aim to be help build connections and relationships in order to share knowledge.

The meetings will be at least once a month and be a mix of guest speakers, knowledge swaps, ‘grab and go’ training and networking.

Members have access to free training resources online, support and knowledge swap online and discounts on any events organised for the group.

There is also access to qualifications training through the Institute of Administrative Mangers (IAM) available to all.

Being part of a membership group also gives us ‘buying power’ with the ability to organise training with external trainers as a whole group and not as individuals (which would cost more).

As the group grows we will be working with Partners in order to bring more benefits to members and their companies. The Partners will include, hotels, restaurants, event venues and many more – if we identify a need with a specific type of supplier then I will be inviting them on board.

Being supported by Your Partnerships means we have access to 100’s of businesses in the South West, so whatever you are looking for, for your company we will have a connection for you!

Membership / Non membership costs and benefits

All meetings Online resources Online forum Training Events Partner Discounts IAM Qualifications
Members Free check check Discounted Discounted check As per IAM Fees
Non-Members £7.50 close close No Discount No Discount close As per IAM Fees

Membership costs £20 per month for an individual. If you wish to purchase multiple-memberships please Contact Us for discounted deals.

To sign up for membership please click on the button below.